I will begin personal tax preparation in the second week of March. To enable me to prepare your tax return, you will need to send me your tax data.

I prefer to receive your information in PDF format. I highly recommend the smartphone app, Evernote Scannable, which will scan excellent PDF copies of your tax data from your phone, once you have set up the app to scan to PDF format. Simply save your scans to your tax folder in your computer or Dropbox or Google Drive.

The filing Authorization Form and Tax Organizer (questionnaire) are already in PDF format. Include these documents, once you have completed them, in your tax folder.

Send me your complete tax folder using Dropbox, or Google Drive, or e-mail attachment. I prefer your tax folder title to use the following convention: Taxes - Doe J (or full given name). Thank you.


The things I do:

  1. I will receive, organize, and consolidate your tax information, slips and other data necessary (e.g. Authorization Form, Tax Organizer, your notes of clarification) to prepare your personal tax return.
  2. I will compare the current information you provide with the prior year information looking for items or information that you might have missed or overlooked. However, the onus is always on you to provide all relevant tax slips and information.
  3. I will review the Tax Organizer you provide, looking for changes during the tax year (e.g. address, phone#, marital status, children, etc.), as well as any notations or questions.
  4. I will prepare personal tax returns in the order that I receive complete tax folders. It's a busy time, so it may take a couple of weeks for your tax return to be prepared.
  5. If I have questions concerning your tax information, I will communicate via e-mail or phone call. Please ensure the Tax Organizer has current information.
  6. Once your return has been prepared, I will e-mail a PDF copy to you to review and approve.
  7. Based on your approval (via your timely e-mail response to me) and the completed Authorization Form in your folder, and receipt of your e-transfer, I will file your tax return on your behalf with CRA.

The things you do:

  1. Gather all your tax information, slips, receipts ready to scan.
  2. Scan each document in PDF format (see note about Evernote Scannable app, above), saving the aptly named files into your tax folder.
  3. If you are claiming Medical Expenses, do not send individual prescription receipts. Instead, obtain a summary of your calendar year prescriptions from your pharmacist to provide to me.
  4. If you are claiming RRSP contributions, I require receipts covering Mar-Dec of the tax year plus receipts for Jan-Feb following the tax year.
  5. Send me one complete tax folder using Dropbox, or Google Drive, or e-mail attachment. Of course you can have multiple sub-folders included in your main tax folder.
  6. If you have previously used Dropbox or Google Drive to share your tax information with me, simply add the current year folder to our shared folder and let me know you have done so.
  7. Please respond as quickly as possible to any questions I may send you via e-mail or phone call. Time is always of the essence during tax filing season.
  8. Please review the prepared PDF tax return file I will e-mail to you. If no corrections or other changes are required, Kindly respond to my e-mail with your approval for me to file your tax return on your behalf with CRA. It is also essential that you have already provided a signed filing Authorization Form.
  9. My invoice for preparing your tax return will be included with your tax return. Kindly pay this invoice via e-transfer when you receive it. I am not a bank nor a lending facility. Payment is due upon your receipt of my invoice.